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Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D v3.4
« on: October 10, 2016, 12:38:48 am »
Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D v3.4

Release Notes

The Prepar3D v3.4 update brings several new features and numerous platform, rendering, SimDirector, SDK, SimConnect, and multiplayer updates.

The following list of updates has been categorized based on the installer required. The Client installer is required for Prepar3D v3.4, however the Content, Scenery, and SDK installers are optional. You must first have Prepar3D v3 installed to utilize the Client only installer. To install the Prepar3D v3.4 Client, you must first uninstall the Prepar3D v3.0/v3.1/v3.2/v3.3 Client via Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel. The Prepar3D v3.4 Client update will require you to reactivate your product, however if you have an internet connection it will be automatic. For more information please view the Prepar3D v3 Download/Installation Instructions from the Downloads page.

Prepar3D Client

    General Platform Updates
    New Features

        Oculus Rift runtime 1.7 support
        HTC Vive support
        Navigation Visuals UI showing facility, airspace, user, and AI overlays in the 3D world
        Scaleform gauges now support multitouch
        Avatar now supports weapons and designators including the ability to fire and aim guns
        Scaleform overlays can now be assigned to cameras
        Added Cinematographer control mode enabling high fidelity camera control
        Added new control events to rotate cameras without snapping back to original orientation when released and to linearly zoom cameras
        Control input method can now be switched between Raw Input and Direct Input

    Fixes and Improvements

        Fixed issue that prevented gauges from handling quick successive mouse clicks
        ATC panel is now always on top of other open panels
        Mission timer panel now supports negative numbers
        Fixed issue where scenery items added through new add-on process could prevent layer ordering of other items in the Scenery Library UI
        Expanded .fxml documentation in Learning Center
        Added key commands to set the ADF standby frequency
        Increased max zoom level for Observer cameras
        Added more robust error messages for errors encountered during startup
        Fixed crash that could occur when clicking docked views repeatedly
        Fixed bug that prevented airport scenery added using an add-on.xml from correctly loading
        Scenery added using an add-on.xml now defaults to the top layer
        Fixed bug where scenery added using an add-on.xml would be removed when making changes in the Scenery Library
        Fixed bug where default map layers would not appear when initially opened
        Fixed bug where switching between different avatars would not update available cameras
        Controller trigger can now be mapped to fire guns
        Scaleform panels no longer pass key events to main application when focused and keyboard interactivity is enabled
        Better control support for throttle and rudder based devices
        Camera rotation speed adjusts based on zoom level when using avatar
        Selected view group is now persisted
        Fixed issue where weapons and pylons could cause a memory leak if configured incorrectly
        Fixed bug where drag-selecting multiple weather stations modified global weather settings
        Fixed crash that could occur when closing a child window while using view groups
        Fixed issue that would cause the avatar to still render when HideUserAvatar was set in the camera
        Fixed bugs with menu where incorrect items could be activated or focused when using the keyboard
        Fixed input issues seen with X-Grip devices
        Fixed bug in the Fuel and Payload UI where the center of gravity would be displayed in the wrong location when using certain aircraft
        Fixed inconsistencies with zoom values and object visibility when using custom fields of view
        Undocked panels now always stay on top of other views by default
        Fixed typos in various UI screens
        Fixed startup crash that would occur if the ShadersHLSL path is invalid
        Child views within view groups can now be closed
        The ATC window no longer processes key input when the menu bar is focused
        Fixed bug that could prevent certain UI screens from displaying properly when reading corrupt .xml files
        The Scaleform Menu Window (used for ATC, SimConnect, and Multiple Choice windows) now supports DPI settings
        Fixed bug that prevented the Scaleform Menu Window from being resized on the right side of the window
        The Scaleform Menu Window now shows when additional menu items are available but not shown due to the window's size
        Fixed bug where ATC menu items could continue to be activated when holding keys down
        Added Binocular and Compass avatar views
        Added new camera categories for First Person, Third Person, and Equipment views
        Fixed bug that prevented gauges from handling right mouse button double click events
        Fixed bug where vehicle could receive mouse yoke values when using mouse look mode
        Fixed bug where advanced weather settings would not be applied to stations in certain cases
        Fixed crash that would occur when setting APU Fire failures on certain aircraft
        Updated framework to .NET 4.6

    Rendering and Performance Updates

    New Features

        Screenshots can now be saved out in multiple formats including: bmp, png, jpeg, and tiff
        Added built-in network video streaming
        Support for alpha blending for custom zbias layering

    Fixes and Improvements

        Fixed issue where changing texture resolution did not cause textures to reload
        Fixed bug that caused add-on scenery to appear washed out at certain times of the day
        Fixed minor precision errors in certain LLA conversions
        Fixed visual and performance issues with the aircraft skid mark effect
        Fixed bug that caused runway lights to flicker in dynamic reflections
        Fixed bug where certain bloom properties were still being applied with HDR disabled
        Fixed bug that could prevent beacon sprites from rendering
        Axis indicator is now red to be seen easier at different times of day
        Improved stability when using ultra water
        Added OpenCL support to ultra water increasing performance on AMD cards

    SimDirector Updates

    New Features

        Virtual Instructor now records gauge variables set via user interactions
        Camera objects and the user's virtual cockpit can now be previewed while editing
        Added PlacementObject, an object with position and orientation that is capable of advanced waypoint following
        Added SetObjectPlacementAction, an object that can reposition an object's position and orientation to another position and orientation
        Added ChangeObjectPlacementAction, an action which allows objects to change position relative to other objects
        Added context menu and ribbon item to Activate/Deactivate all selected objects
        Added ability to fire actions when an object reaches a waypoint or finishes a waypoint list
        Added new mappable events to position and reposition objects
        Added ability to set Prepar3D's default scenario to the scenario that's being edited

    Fixes and Improvements

        Fixed bug where CylinderPathArea joints could be misaligned when attached to scenery objects
        Fixed bug where key commands could be sent to Prepar3D when typing in text fields
        Fixed bug where certain objects would rotate when moved if attached to other objects
        Fixed bug where new panels would be created during validation when using Scaleform panels and never destroyed
        Fixed memory leaks that could occur when using Scaleform Objects, Camera Objects, or Focal Points
        Fixed bug where selected panel object's ID would reset to 0 when switching modes
        Fixed bug where camera direction would change when saving after rotating the camera
        Fixed bug where changing the display unit type would register as an undo edit
        Fixed bug where camera object would rotate when using certain move operations
        Objects can now be dragged to a group and added
        Fixed bug with translation gizmo that would prevent moving object if origin was not in view
        Attached objects can now be positioned and oriented relative to their attached object
        Fixed "Fatal Error Occurred" crash on startup that was occurring on certain configurations
        Renamed Descr property to Object Name
        Improved SimDirector load time
        Fixed crash that would occur when changing a waypoint's elevation with a waypoint list selected
        Fixed bug where waypoints will not move when their waypoint list is selected
        Fixed bug where the waypoint model draws in the wrong location when switching AltitudeIsAGL on or off
        Fixed bug where changing the elevation of waypoint objects does not work correctly when altitude is set to AGL
        Fixed bug where updating a waypoint list's attached object would incorrectly update waypoint positions when waypoint altitude was set to AGL
        Added more robust error reporting
        Fixed bug where a camera object set to picture-in-picture would sometimes not open on scenario load
        Camera object's origin can now be set to render the Virtual Cockpit
        Improved rendering of waypoint lists
        Fixed bug where unselected focal points would render in Virtual Instructor
        Open undocked panels now close when entering SimDirector
        Fixed bug where Preview Action Only would still fire OnCompleteActions
        Improved performance with scenarios containing large numbers of objects
        Waypoint Lists can now be referenced as object references making them easier to integrate into existing objects
        Fixed cases where scenery objects would incorrectly return AGL altitude
        Fixed bug where if you modified a waypoint while the object it was attached to was selected, the waypoint modification would be ignored and it would snap back to the original location
        Fixed bug where moving an object with attached waypoints would make waypoints continuously calculate new offsets causing them to move away from the attached object
        Fixed bug where waypoint lists could have AGL set independently of contained waypoints
        Fixed bug where drag/dropping to add a reference in the visualization would add two undo edits if the source object was already referencing a different object
        Fixed bug where OnScreenText would appear in the incorrect location with the wrong background color in certain cases
        Fixed bug where OnCompleteActions could not be added or modified in VI sessions using the property grid or visualization
        Fixed bug where holding shift in other applications when SimDirector was open would cause the zoom ribbon button to change states
        Fixed bug where player objects would not render when loading a scenario or copying existing objects
        Fixed bug where canceling out of the multiplayer UI when entering SimOperator would cause undefined behavior
        Focal points drawing is more smooth and is also drawn when the mouse is dragged
        Fixed bug where objects could be incorrectly loaded when opening scenarios in Preview Mode
        Fixed bug where Virtual Instructor reset mode was not respected when loading a new scenario
        Updated Waypoint speed property setting to be more clear
        Added Staging Mode button in home tab in SimOperator
        Reposition Object disabled when in non-staging mode in SimOperator
        Fixed crash that could occur in SimOperator when modifying certain objects
        Fixed bug where Center On object would snap to incorrect altitudes
        Fixed bug where player staging objects would show on SimOperator clients
        Fixed bug that could cause SimDirector scenario loading errors in some cases
        Fixed bug where staging objects could appear when clients join SimOperator sessions
        Fixed bug that prevented scenery models from loading when importing .sxml files

    Multiplayer Updates

New Features
        Avatar can now attach to scenario entities in multiplayer structured scenarios
        Avatars can be damaged by weapons in multiplayer

    Fixes and Improvements

        First person avatar animation states now update in multiplayer
        Fixed crash that could occur when using weapons over multiplayer
        Multiplayer options now saved out where applicable
        Aircraft carrier elevators now work in multiplayer
        Fixed bug where vehicle control would not transfer correctly when the master player detached from a vehicle shared by three or more players
        Fixed bug where multiplayer cameras would not be removed from the camera list when exiting multiplayer when attached to another player's vehicle

    SDK and SimConnect Updates

    Note: Some of these features will require installing the v3.4 SDK

    New Features

        Exposed world space based ray tracing through the PDK
        Screenshots can be captured through SimConnect
        Added new Event Service to the PDK enabling generic callbacks to be registered to chain events
        Added new Custom Object Rendering Service to PDK
        Added PDK sample showing custom light rendering capability
        Added base multiplayer and SimOperator sample scenario
        Visibility scripts can now be executed on non-sim objects
        Network video streaming of views through SimConnect
        Lua scripting now supported in Modeldef.xml

    Fixes and Improvements

        Fixed bug where SimConnect would return the wrong application version
        New rendering and window control functionality added to PDK.
        Added program variables for camera pitch, bank, and heading
        Added program variables for the lat, lon, alt, and distance of point targeted by camera (center of screen)
        Fixed bug where setting a camera's horizontal or vertical fov independently would distort the view
        Fixed bug where incorrect camera field of view was returned by RequestCameraFoV function
        Content error reporting added for missing Scaleform files in gauges
        3dsMax 2017 now supported
        Fixed various typos in documentation
        Updated ISimObject documentation with list of provided samples
        Updated Scaleform keyboard support to include punctuation and modifier keys (ctrl, alt, shift)
        Fixed bug where releasing POV hat would not return -1 when using the SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent function
        Fixed bug that would cause Render to Texture views to activate when using the SetCameraDefinition PDK function
        Updated pertinent samples to .NET 4.6

    Multichannel Updates

    Fixes and Improvements

        Fixed crash that could occur in Multichannel with remote entity attachments
        Fixed crash in Multichannel when joining a multiplayer session with an aircraft with a single COM radio
        Fixed crash that would occur when changing view groups on Multichannel child views
        Fixed issue where the Multichannel master would be set to zero airspeed when joining a multiplayer session
        Aircraft carrier elevators now work in Multichannel
        Fixed bug where user would respawn at the location of a crash when running Multichannel in multiplayer
        Fixed bug that could cause the Multichannel host to start at 90% throttle when vehicle was on the ground
        Fixed bug where the active view group's field of view was being saved out into the scenario file
        Fixed issue that could cause remote multiplayer clients to display incorrectly on slave machines
        Added more robust error messages when configuring MultiChannel
        Moved configuration files to %ProgramData%
        Fixed synchronization issues with avatar visibility and animation state in Multichannel over multiplayer

    DIS Updates

    New Features

        Added multiplayer support within DIS
        Added DIS support for avatar, gun based munitions, AI traffic, Electromagnetic Emissions, designators, and transmitters
        Added ability to transmit navigation aids through Transmitter PDU in DIS including VOR, DME, TACAN, ILS Glideslope, and ILS Localizer
        Added DIS voice communication support
        DIS munition fire and detonation effects can now be configure in the UI
        Added toggle key event to connect and disconnect from DIS sessions

    Fixes and Improvements

        Added new camera category for DIS entities
        Improved DIS configuration UI
        Dead reckoning, entity appearance, and articulated parts can be disabled in DIS
        Fixed issues with DIS using Multichannel that prevented certain states from serializing correctly
        Ground, surface, and life form types can now be forced to pull to ground in DIS
        Entity positions now based on center of bounding box for DIS
        Fixed DIS issue that could cause objects to start dead reckoning when nearly stationary
        Several DIS settings can now be modified while connected
        Fixed bug which caused camera to shake when viewing remote DIS entities in Multichannel
        Fixed bug which prevented multiplayer entities from showing on DIS clients

Prepar3D Content

    Fixes and Improvements

        Fixed issue with dialog action in Foul Weather scenario
        Removed unused ATC entries from The Deep scenario
        Added red and green marker smoke effects
        Added white phosphorus smoke effect

Prepar3D Scenery

    Fixes and Improvements

        Updates to Twentynine Palms, Randolf AFB, and Iwakuni airports
        Fixed terrain crack and spike in northern Alaska

Purchase and download it here: P3D v3.4