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Geir Haukland

Help us help you - FSX problems.
« on: December 27, 2013, 01:21:13 am »
1 ) List the system specs.
To know what kind of components comprise the system will help us to determine if you have a hardware problem , software problem , or both. Oh ... Knowing this information will allow the person who can solve the problem of eliminating possible causes too. Then list your hardware , CPU (manufacturer and model) , GPU ( graphics card manufacturer , model and amount of VRAM ) , motherboard ( or computer make and model if store bought ) , and the amount of RAM on your system. If you do not know or know how to get this information , ask.

2 ) List your software environment .
To know what operating system, what bit version it is and if you have it updated or not, will help to solve your problem. OgsÃå listing what FSX installation consists of will help to solve your problem. Do you have both service packs installed or acceleration ? If a list of what you have installed. Same goes for drivers, have you updated or changed them ? Do you popular add- ons for FSX ? List them and what version they are if you do.

3) Please detail as possible about what FSX problem.
Tell us or post a picture of what the error messages you receive. Tell us what is happening and what you did in the sim when it happened. If it crashes after a while of such and such place ? Tell us where it is and what plane you flew with some extra FSX related software you were running at the time. Tell us if you have changed drivers recently. Tell us if you've made ​​any changes to your computer . Are you having trouble installing natural or plane ? Tell us exactly what you install and include the file name or the version info as well. Info , info will help us help you.

4) If you have a problem with third- party add- ons make sure to check the developer's forum (s ) first .
It is possible that the problem is a common one and has been resolved . Checking the developer's forum can save you and us time .

5 ) Be Patient .
Sometimes even after discussing the problem a person may not be able to solve the problem. Not likely someone else will come along who can solve the problem.