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Geir Haukland

How to remove red text in FS
« on: December 26, 2013, 11:43:01 pm »
Here is a little explanation

Brake text removed by adding this line into the [SIM] section in fs9.cfg


Do you also remove all text so that your Sim will be the most realistic ...

Well do the following ...

Download Messagkill from this link .. It removes all red text that pops up ..

Just remember that for those using TrackIR and experiencing problems with it, then you kill message be causing it. TrackIR is dependent on these red lyrics to know when you are in the Virtual cockpit ....

A altertativ to not use is to add this line in fs9.cfg under [Main] section.

"HideInfoText = 1" / / without quotes

The downside of it again is that you will also remove the FPS text when you press SHIFT + Z